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Home is a group of US-based experts that can cover all your web needs, from momentary phone advice to complete web construction including custom programming, SEO and social media marketing. The cost can be surprisingly low, often less than overseas outsourcing, but with higher quality and better communication. To prove it, some of our experts will even do your work before you need to commit any money! (Ask for details.)

It's about experience. Every one of us works quickly because we've done what you want many times before. We have templates, we have knowledge, and we specialize. We charge more than the high school kid down the street, but we get it done more quickly and it ends up costing you less. Sometimes way less!

And, we get it right the first time. No doubt you've heard the horror stories of web developers, graphic artists, SEO experts, programmers, and social media marketers who overcharge, do what they want to do, instead of what you want, take forever, and sometimes can't even complete the job. Then there are the webmasters who won't even give you the passwords to your own website. The people on this team have been carefully picked for their experience and integrity.

To give you an example of cost, if all you need is a landing page website with a few graphics, paragraphs, and the typical things such as contact information and basic SEO, you can have it for $100.

On the other end of the spectrum, someone in the group can solve your most complex web programming issues. We are often asked to repair hacked and broken WordPress and other websites. Sometimes it takes only minutes. Our smallest project was $3. (Our largest project was $110,000!)

Perhaps your website doesn't get enough visitors. We can fix that, too, sometimes spectacularly. Our most successful client went from three visitors per month to over 14,000 per day. In a more typical case, a website gained 375,000 unique visitors in four months. There are SEO companies out there that want to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and the limited things they do don't even work most of the time! We will charge you much less, and are happy to show you all the tricks if you'd like to do it yourself. We have specialists for you in SEO and social media marketing (SMM), which in many cases greatly outperforms SEO.

Call or write for a no-charge initial eight or ten minute phone or email conversation to discover your needs and hook you up with the best professional in our network.

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Jeff Napier - Founder

As a software engineer in web technology since 1995, I can field your questions from tricky WordPress integrations, to bringing more visitors to your site. For instance, I can guide you through best SEO practices. Better than that, I can show you other ways to bring visitors without spending a penny on advertising or depending on search engines.

Sometimes a few minutes on the phone is all that's required. For many calls, we can work together with screen sharing. For those who are less interested in hands-on help, I can also take over, making the changes you'd like.

Most of the time, you'll get through to me right away. If I'm unavailable, I'll get back to you at the next opportunity. I'm generally available regular weekday and weekend day times.

Stephen Burakoff - Advanced WordPress Developer

Stephen has been doing high end web development since 2004, and had been an application and product developer prior to that. He has designed and developed more than 150 sites and projects all across the country. He’s an advanced developer that can really do anything a computer can do. He delivers clean & modern designs and is a full stack power developer. All of his sites are super operable, intuitive, & easy to operate. He can create or modify powerful WordPress themes and plugins. Every site is fully responsive, built on HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and on and on. Stephen holds five U.S. patents: Electronic delivery of compliance information, electronic delivery of sensitive information, and others.

Kelly Lee - SEO, Social Media Marketing

Kelly Lee has over 12 years in web development including five years in enterprise level e-commerce development and web administration utilizing Magento, WordPress, Drupal and Shopify Plus. He also has five years of professional SEO/SEM experience along with social media, digital, email and product marketing. Kelly has developed a one-time, low-cost service package to bring more visitors to your website.

Patty Ross - Email / Social Media Marketing

Patty Ross has almost 18 years in online/e-commerce marketing as well as over 25 years of customer service experience. She assists businesses with social media management, e-mail marketing, website content, SEO, online advertising, wine club support, customer support, print materials and promotional products. She has worked with clients in the wine industry, gourmet gift baskets, non-profit, financial, legal, landscape design, religious, aromatherapy products and motorcycle industry.

CJ Rooney - SEO

CJ Rooney has been specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing for more than a decade. Working primarily with local businesses, he has helped numerous clients climb to first-page rankings for buyer-intent keywords which has helped those companies grow their businesses.

Prior to the focus on local SEO campaigns, CJ has also had experience working on national SEO campaign rollouts, affiliate marketing campaigns and he previously helped national recording artists climb the Top 10 charts on iTunes. CJ is always excited to tackle the most challenging projects and is available to help improve your rankings, both, organically and specifically in the Local Maps Sections of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Mark Viergutz - WordPress

Tony de la Riva - Branding and WordPress

Tony de la Riva is an art director and multi-disciplinary designer with an emphasis in branding and web design. As an independent with a marketing-agency background, he has worked for a list of clients that includes the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society, Cal Poly, the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, and the County of San Luis Obispo, to name a few. Tony was the lead designer on BCA's City of SLO tourism campaign that won a 2016 Poppy Award for best overall marketing campaign in the state.

de la Riva Brands creates beautiful, modern, intelligent, brand-driven, user-focused websites for brands looking for an effective online presence in a digital age.

Chuck Siler - SEO, Social Media Marketing

Certified Professional Point of Sale Programmer, Computer Tech Support Specialist & Tutor, Graphic Web & Logo Designer, Marketing & SEO Consultant

Giovanni Santos - Software Integration, Mobile App Development

Geovanni St is a senior web & mobile developer with extensive experience in custom applications development & have been programming for over 15 years developing custom web applications such as CRM’s (Customer relationship management),ERP, custom API & Payment gateway integration, Bots, proficient in WordPress, Drupal & Magento, extended PHP & ROR(Ruby) experience, mobile iOS & Android apps(Native & hybrid solutions) as well as several other custom applications.

Jim Davis - Technical Writer, Illustrater, Graphic Designer

When it comes to putting your products or service in the best possible light, you want Jim Davis. With a wide range of experience from mechanical engineering to magazine management, he can make great-looking business graphics and explain the most difficult procesess in easy-to-understand terms. Click the example below to see a bigger view of Jim's work.

Portion of a brochure by Jim Davis

Chris Johnstone - Information Technology

Chris Johnstone, also known as C.J., is a Windows, Linux and networking expert. You'd be amazed what he can accomplish in a telephone conversation. Lost password? Windows misbehaving? Want to learn how to accomplish something in Linux? C.J. is the man you want.

Lyn Bailey - Focus Coach

Lyn holds you accountable. She helps you get and stay focused. This can make the difference between holding your job forever, and breaking out as a successful entrepreneur. Lyn is a certified master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, so she has the skills to help you overcome procrastination, and break out of the loops and destructive thought patterns that are holding you back.

(805) 843-5353